Nathalie F. Scott, Esq. - US LAWYER 

Member of the Florida Bar

SCOTT LEGAL offers personal, tailor-made services in the following areas:

  • International Assistance in administrative, criminal and civil matters - in collaboration with Etude Bonnant et Associés
  • Litigation and investigations initiated by US federal authorities (DOJ / IRS / SEC)
  • SEC Registration, on-going Compliance and annual Audits of Investment Advisors
  • SEC / GDPR Compliance
  • Advise and train Chief Compliance Officers for RIAs
  • Negotiations with Swiss banks to unfreeze/unblock bank accounts
  • FATCA / AEOI (Automatic Exchange of Information) - CRS (Common Reporting Standards)
  • FATCA Group Requests initiated by IRS
  • Reclaim of (over)withholding tax from IRS for non-resident aliens (NRAs) / foreign persons
  • International Trusts; Foundations; Proper Corporate Governance
  • US Immigrant Investor Visas (EB-5 and E-2)
  • Renunciation of US citizenship or of US resident status (green card)
  • Creation of US LLCs
  • Real estate investments in Florida 
  • Inheritance - Succession management / estate administration in Switzerland / United States (trusts and wills)
  • Pre-nuptial Agreements Switzerland / United States
  • Relocation from USA to Switzerland
  • Relocation from Switzerland to USA
  • Appeals of Schengen Treaty ban/overstay in Switzerland.